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What I Do

Serving large media corporations, small businesses, and self-publishers—Offering production assistance with...


Page Layout/Typesetting

Working on long documents like books, magazines, and catalogs is my specialty. I love building out efficient templates and using the latest and greatest XML, grep and scripting techniques to format text efficiently and accurately.

Technical Illustration

Learning Adobe Illustrator has allowed me to create interactive PDFs, draw technical illustrations, and build floor plans for a trade show coordinator to map out booths. I also create dies for vinyl signage and custom invitations which I can also die-cut in small runs.

Web Support

I’m certainly no expert in CSS and HTML, but I’ve learned a bit from designing and developing a client’s website from scratch, building HTML emails, and converting a few print books to ePub. I also have edited in and uploaded content to CMS engines.

My Portfolio

Below are some of my favorite production works I have done for clients——Click thumbnails for details

A Little About Me

What I love to do and how I got started...

You could say I got bit by the production bug while I was a graphic design student at CSU. During my studies, I had tried out just about every internship available at Penton Media. My last internship, a production art internship, ended up being the catalyst for my 17-year career in production art. While I did earn my graphic design degree, I have found my passion and niché to be more on the production side of graphic design. I feel like I’m much more creative in a left-brained way and enjoy figuring out the best processes to produce pieces. I am an InDesign guru who enjoys using XML, grep, and scripting to facilitate production. Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel and Powerpoint are all in my toolbox to help get the job done. I love building out templates for new projects, managing project assets, formatting layouts, and working with wonderful teams of art directors, designers, editors, and writers to bring projects to life!

Happy Clients

I'm privileged to have worked with some incredible people!!

I brought Amber on board to handle a complicated coupon book - a job that requires a specific skill set in InDesign (XML-driven layout) and a great ability to organize a vast array of information. Not only was she thoroughly fluent in the software and what was needed to produce the job, she was also able to streamline the process and make recommendations on how to expedite our group's workflow. Her capacity for handling a complicated project of this kind was phenomenal - and she has excellent organization and communication skills. Amber is incredibly thorough and was a pleasure to work with. She will continue to play a key role in the coupon book moving forward.

Sarah Douglas, gaiacreative

The Lifetree Café team has awarded Amber Gomez with a core value award for Servanthood and Excellence. She produced a beautiful, four-color workbook for our training this weekend, did it in record time, and did a beautiful job. Because we asked for so many changes (and so much art) after the first round of galleys, she stayed until 12:30 one morning to have a second round ready. This kind of sacrifice and dedication is typical of Amber. Her work is always of the highest caliber, and her attitude is always, always, always positive and helpful.

Team, Lifetree Café

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Thanks for looking. I’d love to hear from you.

I’d love to hear about your production needs and how I may be of help. If you’re in the NoCo area, perhaps we can even talk in person. If you don’t see a project in my portfolio that aligns with your needs, don’t fret. I still have a lot of samples that I could add to my portfolio. If your project is new to me and your timeline allows, I’m always happy to learn new production skills. Send me a little bit of information about your project and I’d be glad to get in touch!

Northern Colorado
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